Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Cream Winter

Foot traffic, foot traffic, foot traffic and please shop local. That's all I can think about lately. The economy is rough, especially for small businesses located in the heart of a small town. People are driving further and further to go to malls and mini malls to get their shopping done, but I think few people are thinking about the cost of gas anymore, they are just resigned to it.

If you consider the prices at your local business, you will realize that the tiny bit more you might pay at the register is balanced by the price of gas you spend on driving. Not to mention that you are keeping YOUR community alive. Housing prices are assisted by the amount of business in the area that help alleviate taxes on families.

I was put in a strange position recently, my neighboring business folded. An old fashioned ice cream shop. Our businesses complimented each other perfectly. The news broke right before winter and I was put in the position of taking over or watching yet another business die. So I have taken a huge risk and incorporated it into my existing business.  Hopefully their regular customers will begin to come in. The only solution is to reach out and let people know I now carry ice cream at Rissi's Old Time Candy & Toys. 

I think I was in shock when this staple of the community let me know they were going and suggested I take over. I contacted the supplier and bought the freezers and I am up and running with my own take on ice cream. I make floats with unique sodas and sundaes in chocolate bowls, but is that enough to drive traffic? Not really, especially during this time of the year. 

Our old time toys are an attraction for the Christmas season and our Giant pecan patties are great comfort food. So, I have found a way to warm your heart as well as your tummy with hot waffles covered in ice cream! It's sooo yummy... 

The next time you are headed to Brookfield Zoo or shopping in La Grange Il or countryside, remember Rissi's Old time Candy & Toys is just a hop, skip and a jump away in BERWYN, IL.

When you need something to do with the kiddos or you just want to take a walk through the past, stop by and visit Rissis.

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