Thursday, March 14, 2013

Candy Care Packs for the TROOPS

On April 20, 2013 at 12 pm - 3 pm, 6834 Windsor Ave., we are selling Candy Care Packs. They are boxes of candy for the Troops overseas. We have pre-filled boxes for sale, mostly with things that are strong enough to make the trip without damage, like Jolly Ranchers and Bit-o-Honeys and sour balls etc. or you can purchase a box for $2.00 and fill it yourself with candy, we just ask you purchase enough to fill the entire box (about a lb.). It comes wrapped and with a tag that you can sign anonymously or with your name to let them know who you are and what town you are from.

The Troops from what I understand are sent toilet paper and other necessities for daily life, but my sister and I thought, why not send them some sweets? I LOVE candy and these individually wrapped candies are a perfect gift from home.

Let's show our troops that they are loved and cared about. Rissi's Old Time Candy and Toys are shipping the boxes to the troops. If you would like to submit an APO and you have permission from the soldier etc. and they agree to pass out the boxes please give us the address.

So please, come send some love and maybe a Hershey's Kiss ;0)

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